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30 Best Travel Photography Blogs for 2023

Best travel photography blogs: portrait of a lady in Uganda

As a passionate traveller, photographer and blogger, I’m always looking for inspiration. I love looking at travel photography blogs to learn more about new places, see what other people are doing, and pick up tips and ideas for my own work.

And when travel is a challenge, the cost of living is too high, flights are expensive or you just can’t get the time off work, exploring via travel blogs is the best way to feed your wanderlust.

And there are LOADS out there! When you stop to look at just a few, you’ll see there’s an astonishing number of highly-talented, hugely creative people pouring their heart and soul into their travel photography blogs, creating gorgeous content and then putting it out into the world for you and I to enjoy, free!

But of course the downside to that is that if you’re looking for travel photographers to follow, the choice can be overwhelming! Where do you even begin?

Best travel photography blogs: leopard seal in Antarctica
A leopard seal has a yawn, Antarctica.

Choosing the best travel blogs

That’s why I’ve collated this list of amazing travel photography blogs to start you off. It’s not exhaustive by any means, but I think it gives you a fantastic taste of the kind of talent that’s out there. The bloggers in this list are a mix of nationalities, ages, and specialisms, some are full-time professional travel photographers or travel bloggers, others do it for the love, but they all share one thing in common: they’re some of the best and most gifted content creators working today.

In their own words they’ve described how they created their travel photography blogs and what you can expect when you visit, so you should definitely be able to find plenty in here to fuel your wanderlust and give you tips for your own travel photography.

So without further ado, in no particular order (but starting with my own because why not?!), here they are: 30 Stunning Travel Photography Blogs to Inspire you in 2023.

Passport & Pixels

Passport & Pixels is a travel and photography blog created by Bella (that’s me!), a TV documentary filmmaker, photographer and travel writer from London. An adventurer with an eye for colourful places and characters, Bella’s main interests are wildlife, candid street portraits, and off-the-beaten-track destinations.

Her passion for adventure has taken her to places as far-flung as Uganda, Myanmar, Morocco, Tanzania and even Antarctica, from where she brings back gorgeous and colourful images that have earned her numerous awards and award nominations, including winning Best Photography at the Travel Media Awards 2020 and being shortlisted four times for the prestigious international Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards.

Her photography has also been published in National Geographic Traveller, Wanderlust, JRNY magazine, The Great Outdoors, Discover Britain and BBC Wildlife Magazine among others.

Bella shares her photos and the stories behind them on this blog, as well as offering travel advice and tips on how to improve your own travel and wildlife photography.

Feel free to stick around and explore this site using the dropdown menus above, or scroll on down to find many more stunning travel photography blogs to awe and amaze you.

Best Travel Photography Blogs: Passport & Pixels. Location: Myanmar
Best travel photography blogs: Passport & Pixels. Location: Myanmar

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The Diary of a Nomad

The Diary of a Nomad is a travel photography blog with a special focus on unique, lesser-visited destinations. It was launched in 2020 by Jiayi Wang, whose photography style is a mixture of colorful and dreamy, usually characterized by symmetry and leading lines.

The Diary of a Nomad showcases incredibly detailed and comprehensive travel guides for countries that aren’t on most tourists’ radars, such as Azerbaijan, Iran, and Pakistan. Jiayi’s passion is to help bridge cultural gaps and show the warmth and beauty of these destinations through inviting photography.

There’s a large variety of photography on The Diary of a Nomad, including landscapes, architecture, and street photography. With that said, Jiayi’s most treasured work are her photos of Uzbekistan’s jaw-dropping mosques and madrasahs. These images have been featured on various media outlets such as Lonely Planet, Condé Nast Traveller, and USA Today, and have made Jiayi even more passionate about what she does.

Check out Jiayi’s Uzbekistan photos and much more at The Diary of a Nomad

30 Top Travel Photography Blogs for 2023
Shiraz, Iran. By The Diary of a Nomad.

The Evolista

After a career in entertainment advertising for 15 years, Jen and Guy’s passion for adventurous vacations around the world turned into a full fledged adventure travel blog called The Evolista. It made perfect sense because these two have traveled to 40+ countries and all 50 states.

Their travel is all about bucket list experiences, whether it’s ballooning in Turkey, riding camels across the Sahara or walking the Great Wall in China. They love meeting interesting people and actively seeing as much of the planet as possible. You’ll find them catching sunrise in the Wadi Rum desert, or trying to talk to people who don’t speak their language, but not by the pool at an all inclusive beach hotel.

Their photography is about capturing the feeling of the experience so that readers can see themselves in various locations. Jen is usually the explorer and Guy is capturing the moment.

With no prior photography experience in a world full of professional photographers, Guy just keeps taking it to the next level and trying to up his photo game. That has involved a crazy drone crash and waking up before the crack of dawn more times that they care to admit, all in hopes of getting that perfect shot.

Find Jen and Guy at The Evolista

30 Top Travel Photography Blogs for 2023
Istanbul, Turkey. Photo: The Evolista

Waffles and Lamingtons

Theo and Lynsey met while both travelling solo through the backpacking paradise that is Central America, so Waffles and Lamingtons was born as a passion project. A way of sharing their enthusiasm for photography in some of the most beautiful places in the world.

Originally from Australia and Belgium, the couple are constantly on the look out for their next adventure with a special appeal for those countries that provide an unfamiliar cultural experience.

While their travel blog has a clear focus on photography, Lynsey and Theo also compose stories from their travels. Their writing provides both a factual guide to exploring the destination and a personal account of their experience in that country. Reading their blogs provides just the detail needed to prepare you for your next adventure.

Having recently spent a considerable amount of time exploring Morocco’s labyrinth-like medinas and the dramatic landscapes of Iceland, the couple’s unique representation of the extremities that come within these countries beautifully represents their work.

Check out their travel photography blog at Waffles and Lamingtons

30 Top Travel Photography Blogs for 2023
Ferry boat across Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. By Waffles and Lamingtons.


Founded in 2015 by Australian journalist Emily Lush, Wander-Lush is a culture-focused travel blog that aims to shine a light on lesser-visited destinations in the South Caucasus, the Balkans, and Southeast Asia. With a background in fair trade and international development, Emily’s driving goal is to promote sustainable community tourism in these regions.

Alongside detailed, thoughtful travel guides that focus on small businesses and culturally immersive experiences, Wander-Lush has become a platform for visual storytelling. Emily is a self-taught photographer whose passion for street photography, portraits, and capturing architecture has developed organically as her blog has grown. As a writer who’s accustomed to hiding behind her laptop, learning to step out into the world with her camera has been a life-changing process.

As a traveller, Emily loves learning about different cultures through traditions, festivals, foods, handicrafts and material cultures – and these are the topics you can often find documented on her blog. Her photography has also been published by Conde Nast Traveller, CNN Arabic, Passion Passport, Elle Vietnam, and others.

See Emily’s photos from her current home base, Georgia, and beyond at Wander-Lush.

30 Top Travel Photography Blogs for 2023
Sufi Zikr ceremony in Pankisi Valley, Georgia. Credit: Emily Lush.

Continent Hop

Continent Hop is a travel, culture and food blog that focuses heavily on photography. While you will find numerous beautiful landscape pictures that accompany detailed guides, you will also find equally stunning food photos!

A multi-nominated blogger and journalist, Lavina loves street photography, and so Continent Hop contains many candid moments from the street, sometimes portraits taken with permission.

Lavina always loved photography; however, only when she established Continent Hop in 2015 did she realise she could showcase these on a website rather than put them up only on Facebook.

While you will find the occasional popular destinations, Lavina prefers capturing photos that go hand in hand with a story. Destinations that have something to share that not many people are aware of, interesting conversations from the road, and ingredients that talk about secrets passed on from generation to generation are some of the moments Lavina aims to capture with her casual yet breathtaking style.

Find Lavina at Continent Hop

30 Top Travel Photography Blogs for 2023
Black sand beach at Vik, Iceland. Photo: continent hop

Finding Alexx

Alexx is a solo female traveller who explores the world with her trusty tripod in tow. Her travel photography is all about finding bright and colourful photo spots, capturing epic experiences, sharing the funkiest places to stay and discovering the best food to eat. Travelling alone can make taking photos tough, but with a decent tripod, a reasonably cheap photography kit, a bit of research and some early morning wake ups, Alexx manages to snap some brilliant photos of famous landmarks, stunning scenery and hidden gems.

She talks a lot about the best entry-level photography gear, phones and accessories for people interested in taking their travel snaps to the next level, as well as her research and shooting process which lets her capture photos solo while avoiding both huge crowds and risky situations (like passing your phone to a stranger!). She’s also super passionate about ensuring destination photos are realistic and representative of a destination, to avoid the all-too-familiar feeling of disappointment when somewhere you visit looks nothing like the photos.

Visit her travel photography blog for destination guides with wanderlust-inducing photos, practical photography tips and a healthy dose of the realities behind long-term solo travel.

You can find Alexx at Finding Alexx

Best photography blogs: Finding Alexx. Location: Hoi An, Vietnam.
Best photography blogs: Finding Alexx. Location: Hoi An, Vietnam.

Bobo & Chichi

Megan Indoe and Scott Herder run the travel photography blog and resource Bobo & Chichi which is full of informative travel guides, photography, and unique hyperlapse/hyperflow videos.

Scott Herder, in addition to being one half of the Bobo & Chichi team, is an award winning professional videographer and travel photographer who has worked not only with destinations from all over the world but also with globally known brands on their own digital marketing content. Their specialty style is known as hyperlapse or hyperflow photography, which Scott also teaches to aspiring filmmakers who want to learn this style.

This style blends timelapse, hyperlapse, and video footage into a unique type of video that bends and plays with time showcasing the changes from day to night in just a few seconds. Their destination films alone take over 100+ hours to make from planning, filming, and editing with a result that shows off a destination like you’e never seen before.

Check them out at Bobo & Chichi

Best Travel blogs: Bobo & Chichi. Location: Budapest, Hungary.
Best Travel blogs: Bobo & Chichi. Location: Budapest, Hungary.
Professional travel photographers: Chasing Lenscapes. Location: Rovinj, Croatia.
Professional travel photographers: Chasing Lenscapes. Location: Rovinj, Croatia.
Travel photography website: Dylan Jones. Location: Seiser Alm in the Italian Dolomites.
Travel photography website: Dylan Jones. Location: Seiser Alm in the Italian Dolomites.

Delve Into Europe

David Angel has been a professional travel photographer for over 20 years. He has had many thousands of images published in media worldwide over this time, and undertaken many commissioned assignments in the UK and Europe.

He also worked as commissioning editor and art director for one of the UK’s main national tourism bodies for 14 years, during which time he continued to freelance. This experience informed and influenced his photography, as he worked with some of the best photographers in the UK, collaborating with and directing photographers with specialisms from lifestyle to press to landscape.

David is completely self-taught, and has considered himself a landscape and location photographer first and foremost. When photographing well-known locations, he always tries to produce something different, his mantra being to look for the photograph within the photograph. He has always loved to photograph architecture, and specialized in night photography from the outset of his career. He loves photographing Prague, where he currently lives, and other cities he enjoys photographing include Venice, London and Sydney.

The subject matter of his travel photography blog has meant branching out to include more diverse content, from cafes and street scenes to details of locations. He says he never switches off, always mentally composing images wherever he goes – which is especially true in Prague.

Check out his work at Delve Into Europe

Travel photography inspiration: David Angel. Location: Prague Old Town
Travel photography inspiration: David Angel. Location: Prague Old Town

Divergent Travellers

If you’re landing on the homepage of travel photography blog Divergent Travelers, prepare to be transported to some of the most beautiful and interesting places on the planet. Multiple award-winning travel photographer Lina Stock, along with her husband David, illustrate stories and travel guides from more than 100 countries on all 7 continents with stunning photography.

From a very young age, Lina was drawn to photography and learned quickly to delineate between the poor-quality photos her tiny film camera produced and that of the SLR Pentax her mother carried with her. It didn’t take long until she was mastering the art of photographing subjects with that SLR in hand. For many years she shot photos as an amateur, simply for the pleasure of creating pretty images, before ultimately turning professional and pursuing the career and lifestyle she has today in travel content creation.

When asked about her specialties, she doesn’t hesitate to state that while photographing unique wildlife and off-beat destinations around the globe is her passion, she cannot be pulled away from an epic landscape either. The beauty of photographing in the travel vertical is the ever-changing amount of subjects and scenarios that are present, making it the perfect genre for someone that loves to be on the move.

Find Lina’s work at Divergent Travelers

Inspirational travel photographer: Lina Stock. Location: Antarctica.
Inspirational travel photographer: Lina Stock. Location: Antarctica.

Anywhere We Roam

Mark and Paul from Anywhere We Roam specialise in natural travel photography; capturing wildlife hotspots, immersive landscapes and off-the-beaten track destinations. With a thirst for adventure, their photography is an invitation to gain unique experiences and enduring travel memories.

With little attention on big sights or famous Instagram hotspots, Anywhere We Roam focuses the lens on less visited destinations with a story to tell. Their travel blog is a journey through moments that inspire and experiences that enthral, engaging the senses and recreating the emotion of being somewhere completely new. In doing so their travel photography blog encourages a deeper look at different cultures and different ways of life.

Anywhere We Roam is no ordinary moment. It’s breath-taking scenery on relatively unknown hiking trails; it’s close encounters with some of the world’s most precious wildlife; it’s local characters and their collective stories; it’s the joy of simple travel experiences. It’s photography in the moment; inspiration for future adventures.

Visit them at Anywhere We Roam

Best photography blogs: Anywhere We Roam. Location: Etosha National Park.
Best photography blogs: Anywhere We Roam. Location: Etosha National Park.

Eat Live Travel Drink

Nicole Sunderland is a travel and food photographer from Washington, D.C. whose main focus is beautiful destinations, luxury hotels and a lot of landscapes and sunsets. She uses a drone and a Canon DSLR to make the majority of her photos.

Her main focus is to shoot beautiful imagery with no people in them and do light editing so that the viewer can truly understand what to expect when they visit. Not having people in 95% of her images is what has helped her stand out in the travel photography industry. Most photographers take photos with them as the focal point of the image. From the beginning her focus was always to keep her photographs clean and with no people so the viewer could really picture themselves there.

Another thing she focuses on in her travels is food. Not a lot of travel photographers do both, but there is no denying that food and travel go hand in hand. Often people want to know what they can eat at resorts/hotels or restaurant recommendations for cities they are visiting. Same process, she takes these photos with no people in them and close up or flatlays.

Find Nicole at Eat Live Travel Drink

Inspirational Travel Photography Blogs: Eat Live Travel Drink
Bora Bora, French Polynesia. Credit: Nicole Sunderland, Eat Live Travel Drink

Trimm Travels

Trimm Travels is a travel photography blog focusing on all aspects of travel photography but with specialities in wildlife, aerial, and nighttime cityscapes. When visiting the site, readers can expect to find a photography menu divided into a variety of categories. Additionally, there is an average of 30-50 photos per post with a writing style that supports the photos vs the photos supporting the writing.

Categories include aerial, cityscapes, natural landscapes, tropical, and wildlife, and are updated periodically. Aerials are mostly shot from windows of commercial flights while featured wildlife shots are obtained unbaited in the wild.

This site focuses on colorful photography. Whether that is shimmering city lights dancing on the water at night or an array of colorful bowls and rugs found in markets across the world, Trimm Travels’ photography is meant to invoke a sense of colorful, meaningful influence without changing the natural colors of scenery.

Photography guides are part of Trimm Travels, a North American Travel Journalist Association photography award winner. Readers can find inspiration for their own photos as well as how to obtain the best shots for iconic locations. The desire is to help other travel photography enthusiasts achieve their goals!

Visit Trimm Travels to find out more.

Travel photo blog: Heather Trimm. Location: Notre Dame, Paris.
Travel photo blog: Heather Trimm. Location: Notre Dame, Paris.
Best Travel Photography Blogs: Alajode
Cayman in the Amazon, Ecuador. Credit: Alajode

Experiencing the Globe

In her travel blog, Coni, a Chilean freelance photographer, allows us to be part of her journey through her pictures and stories. Her goal is to inspire people to travel more sustainably, which translates even to her travel photos. As a Human Rights lawyer turned travel writer, her main interest is portraits. She’s going around the world trying to make people understand that there’s only one human race, and we’re all part of it – no matter where we happened to be born.

She’s been to 50+ countries in 5 continents, always looking for the unexplored treasures along the way, guided by her wonderful travel experiences bucket list. You’ll be transported from Iran to Bosnia & Herzegovina, stopping in places like Armenia and Ukraine. Beware – you’ll be booking your next trip within the first ten minutes of browsing!

Enjoy the experience at Experiencing the Globe

Inspirational Travel Photography Blogs: Experiencing The Globe
The lovely owners of an eatery in Qeshm island, Iran. Credit: Experiencing The Globe

Finding The Universe

Finding the Universe, by photographer Laurence Norah and his wife Jessica, is a travel photography blog which has been live since 2010. The site helps people plan trips to destinations all around the world, and is also filled with useful and practical travel photography tips and advice. There are also thousands of photos from all around the world, for those looking for a bit of travel inspiration.

Laurence particularly loves to shoot remote landscapes, and enjoys getting out into nature and capturing the world in all its beauty. He’s been a passionate photographer for over 30 years, and his work has been published in print and online in major publications, including the BBC and CNN. Laurence believes anyone can learn to take great photos, and has written a great many guides to improving your photography, which you can read on his site.

Learn more at Finding The Universe

Inspirational Travel Photography Blogs: Finding The Universe
Havasu Falls, Arizona. Credit: Laurence Norah
Inspirational Travel Photography Blogs: It's All Trip To Me
Punta Palascia Lighthouse in Puglia, Italy. Credit: Katerina Xirouchaki
Inspirational Travel Photography Blog: Meandering Wild
North Cornwall coast of England in winter. Credit: Meandering Wild
Wild male tiger, Tadoba Tiger Reserve, India. Credit: Camilla Malvestiti
Wild male tiger, Tadoba Tiger Reserve, India. Credit: Camilla Malvestiti
Gambian Ladies By Pirogue Credit: Kathryn Burrington
Gambian Ladies By Pirogue. Credit: Kathryn Burrington

Travel? Yes Please!

Rhonda Krause is a travel photographer based in Edmonton, Canada who shares her work on Travel? Yes Please!, a travel photography blog that provides independent travellers with destination inspiration and advice.

Photography takes centre stage on Travel? Yes Please! as each article is illustrated with a large selection of pictures. It’s a priority of Rhonda’s to showcase each destination with quality photographs because she believes that pictures have the power to inspire people to travel like nothing else.

On Rhonda’s website you’ll find sharp, bright, vibrant pictures of landscapes, architecture and wildlife. Aside from the odd black and white photograph, most of her work is edited to reflect how the scene looked in real life. Rhonda’s specialty is making the viewer feel like they are part of the scene by filling the frame with her subject, creating a sense of depth, and using leading lines.

You can find Rhonda at Travel? Yes Please!

Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada. Credit: Rhonda Krause, Travel? Yes Please!
Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada. Credit: Rhonda Krause, Travel? Yes Please!
Popradske tarn in High Tatras, Slovakia. Credit: Trip & Trail
Popradske tarn in High Tatras, Slovakia. Credit: Trip & Trail
Inspirational Travel Photography Blogs: Aleksanterinkatu, Helsinki
Aleksanterinkatu, Helsinki. Credit: Engineer On Tour

Green Global Travel

The writing/photography team of Bret Love and Mary Gabbett have been traveling and working together for nearly 14 years now. Their impressive resume includes respected media outlets such as American Way, National Geographic, Yahoo Travel, and dozens of airline and hotel magazines around the world.

The couple shares a passion for travel, outdoor adventure, nature/wildlife conservation, and learning about traditional indigenous cultures. In 2010 they launched their first collaborative blog, Green Global Travel. A year later, their photography and video work was highlighted in a series on the wildlife of the Galapagos for World Wildlife Fund, which led to massive growth for their responsible travel-focused website.

Having traveled to 50+ countries on 6 continents, the couple loves using their photography to inspire others to travel more sustainably and protect the planet’s fragile ecosystems, as well as the people and animals who inhabit them.

Find them at Green Global Travel

30 Top Travel Photography Blogs for 2023
Guanaco in Torres Del Paine National Park. Photo: Green Global Travel

And that’s it! I really hope you’ve enjoyed this countdown of some of my favourite travel photography blogs.

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