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50 Common French Phrases for Travel & Everyday Life

50 useful french phrases for travel and tourists

Traveling to a France is a great adventure, as you get to explore the local culture and taste all of the flavorful foods. Getting around France, however, isn’t always so glamorous.

As you prepare for your vacation to France, it’s important that you learn basic French. After all, you’re going to be put in certain situations where people might not speak English.

Here are 50 useful French phrases for travelers to know. These popular French phrases will help you navigate throughout France with ease.

Useful French Phrases for Conversation

useful french phrases to know

1. Bonjour! (Good morning, hello)

2. Bienvenue. (Welcome.)

3. Madame/Monsieur/Mademoiselle (Mrs. /Mr. /Miss)

4. Pardon, excusez-moi. (Pardon, excuse me.)

5. Parlez-vous anglais? (Do you speak English ?)

6. Je ne parle pas français. (I do not speak French.)

7. À tout à l’heure! (See you later !)

8. Merci/Merci beaucoup. (Thank you/Thank you very much.)

9. Au revoir! (Goodbye !)

10. De rien. (You’re welcome.)

Useful French Phrases for Information

phrases for tourists while traveling in france

11. Pourriez-vous m’aider? (Can you help me?)

12. Pourriez-vous prendre ma photo/notre photo? (Are you able to take my photo/our photo?)

13. Je ne comprends pas. (I do not understand.)

14. Parlez lentement, s’il vous plaît. (Speak slowly, please.)

15. Répétez, s’il vous plait. (Repeat, please.)

16. Où sont des toilettes? (Where are the toilets?)

17. Où est un bon restaurant/un bon café? (Where is a good restaurant/a good café).

18. Où est la plage/le centre-ville? (Where is the beach/city center.)

19. Je cherche le métro/le gare/l’aéroport. (I am searching for the metro/train station/airport.)

20. Je cherche l’hôtel/l’hôpital/la banque. (I am searching for the hotel/hospital/bank.)

Useful French Phrases for Directions

asking for directions in french while traveling

21. Où sommes-nous? (Where are we?)

22. C’est à gauche. (It’s to the left.)

23. C’est à droite. (It’s to the right.)

24. C’est tout droit. (It’s straight ahead.)

25. Est-ce que c’est loin/proche? (Is it far/close?)

Useful French Phrases for Transportation

basic transportation phrases to know in France

26. Où est le guichet? (Where is the ticket window ?)

27. Je voudrais regarder l’horaire. (I would like to look at the schedule.)

28. Je voudrais réserver un billet. (I would like to reserve a ticket.)

29. Je voudrais acheter un billet aller simple/aller-retour pour Paris. (I would like to purchase a one-way ticket/a round-trip ticket.)

30. À quelle heure faut-il arriver? (What time should it arrive ?)

Useful French Phrases for Accommodations

important french phrases for hotel and stay

31. Quelles chambres avez-vous de disponible? (What rooms do you have available ?)

32. Est-ce qu’il y a de climatisation? (Is there air conditioning ?)

33. Je voudrais une chambre pour deux. (I would like a double room.)

34. Je voudrais annuler ma réservation. (I would like to cancel my reservation.)

35. À quelle heure est-ce qu’il faut régler la note? (At what time should we check out?)

Useful French Phrases for Shopping

common french phrases for shopping

36. Où sont les magasins? (Where are the shops?)

37. Où est le centre-commercial? (Where is the mall?)

38. Est-ce que je peux payer avec une carte de crédit? (Can I pay with a credit card?)

39. À quelle heure est-ce que s’est ouvert? (At what time is it open?)

40. À quelle heure est-ce que s’est fermé? (At what time is it closed?)

41. Je cherche un sac/une carte postale/un livre. (I am searching for a bag/a postcard/a book.)

42. Combien ça coûte? (How much does it cost?)

43. C’est trop cher! (It’s too expensive!)

44. C’est bon marché! (It’s a great deal!)

45. C’est bon/mal/terrible. (It’s good/bad/terrible.)

Useful French Phrases for Dining

key and helpful phrases for dining in France

46. La carte/le menu, s’il vous plaît. (The menu/fixed-price menu, please.)

47. Je voudrais un café. (I would like a coffee.)

48. Je voudrais un verre. (I would like a glass.) *usually a glass of beer

49. Je voudrais de l’eau. (I would like some water.)

50. L’addition, s’il vous plaît. (The bill, please.)

Safe Travels!

Familiarize yourself with these popular French phrases before your big trip to France. The best way to immerse yourself in the French travel experience is to fully immerse yourself in conversations with locals and fellow tourists. Prepare by taking group classes with TakeLessons Live to learn basic French, or with the help of a private French tutor.

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