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6 Best Travel Pill Cases to Keep Medications & Vitamins Organized (2023)

The one essential I keep in my carry-on no matter where I’m headed or for how long: a travel pill case from Amazon. The best travel pill cases are compact, secure, and easy to open on the go, and mine checks all the boxes.

I used to bring the entire bottle of my daily medication in my carry-on and put loose vitamins in a plastic seal top bag—needless to say, this wasn’t the best use of space (or single-use plastic). A year ago, I purchased a $6 travel pill case to save some packing room, stay more organized, and have something I could reuse trip after trip. Since then, it’s been a packing non-negotiable for me and has made taking my medications, vitamins, and supplements while I’m traveling easier than ever.

It’s nearly impossible to stick to your normal routine when traveling. While I don’t mind missing a few workouts or healthy meals on the road, I do want to stay on top of taking my supplements and vitamins every day. This sleek, portable case has eight separate compartments that hold everything I need for a week’s vacation in one place and make it easy to track what I’m taking. It features two separate sections: One side with six small chambers for storing daily pills and a second side with two larger chambers that holds capsules and vitamins. Having a pill case with compartments of varied size makes it easy to pack as many pills as you need and organize them however you’d like. I use the smaller chambers for my daily allergy pills and the larger chambers to store emergency essentials that I like to have on hand, like Advil, Benadryl, and Tums.

The size of this travel pill organizer is perfect for most trips I take. The compartments are spacious enough to hold at least a week’s worth of pills, but the case is still compact enough to fit in my Dopp kit (for reference, it’s smaller than an iPhone). I’ve packed this pill organizer on numerous trips and it’s never opened while in transit or spilled any of my items. To secure each chamber, simply snap the plastic top down. After filling the compartments with your medication, snap the two sides of the case together and toss it in your carry-on.

Something I love about this travel pill case compared to others on the market is its sleek design. When it’s closed, no one would ever know you have a week’s worth of supplements on hand. And of course, the price is right. This $6 travel essential from Amazon has accompanied me on short weekend getaways to the Catskills, a 10-day European cruise, and countless business trips—and I plan to bring it with me wherever I’m headed next.

If you’re worried about carrying a pill case through airport security, rest assured that travelers are allowed to bring their prescription medications and over-the-counter supplements with them. TSA allows travelers to bring medication in pill or solid form in carry-ons and checked baggage—so you can bring your pill case no matter what bag you’re packing.

While I love traveling with this case, there are plenty of great options on the market with high ratings and glowing reviews. Below, a few more of the best travel pill cases that we recommend bringing on your next getaway.

More travel pill cases we recommend:

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