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American Express Travel Insurance Benefits for 2023

Yes, American Express does offer travel insurance. The most common American Express travel insurance benefits are car rental insurance and baggage insurance. Some American Express credit cards also offer trip delay insurance along with trip cancellation and interruption insurance. To be eligible for travel insurance coverage, you’ll need to pay for your travel using your American Express credit card.

Types of American Express Travel Insurance

Rental car insurance.

This benefit covers the cardholder for damage to the rental vehicle that results from collision or theft. You are covered up to $50,000 or $75,000 per rental agreement, depending on the Amex credit card you have.

To take advantage of this benefit, you need to decline the collision damage waiver offered by the rental company. This product provides secondary coverage and does not include liability coverage. Not all vehicle types or rentals are covered. Geographic restrictions apply.

Lost/damaged baggage insurance.

If your luggage is lost or stolen, you can get reimbursed for the contents of the luggage up to $1,250 or $3,000 for carry-on baggage and up to $500 or $2,000 for checked baggage, per covered person. The actual maximum amount depends on the Amex credit card you have.

The coverage is also subject to a $3,000 aggregate limit per covered trip. For New York State residents, there is a $2,000 per bag/suitcase limit for each covered person with a $10,000 aggregate maximum for all covered persons per trip.

Trip delay insurance.

This benefit reimburses you for necessary expenses – such as a hotel room, for example – if your trip is delayed for more than 6 hours. The maximum reimbursement is up to $300 or $500 per trip, depending on the card. You can file up to two claims every 12 consecutive months.

Trip cancellation/interruption insurance.

This benefit covers your trip for unforeseen cancellations or for interruptions that cut your trip short. It only applies to pre-paid, non-refundable travel expenses. The maximum reimbursement is up to $10,000 per trip and $20,000 per eligible card every 12 consecutive months.

Remember to check the guide to benefits that came with your American Express card to see which types of travel insurance are included with your card. The guide will also show coverage amounts and other details on each of your travel insurance benefits. You can also visit Amex’s dedicated benefits page to view the cards that are eligible for different benefits.

Notable Amex Credit Cards with Travel Insurance

If you’re not sure which travel credit card to get, you can always check out WalletHub’s recommendations for the best credit cards for travel insurance and travel rewards. Before picking a card, also be sure to check your credit score for free on WalletHub so that you know which cards you’ll be able to qualify for.

Eligibility and benefit level varies by card. Terms, conditions and limitations apply. Please visit americanexpress.com/benefitsguide for more details. Trip Delay Insurance and Trip cancellation/interruption insurance are underwritten by New Hampshire Insurance Company, an AIG Company. Car Rental Loss & Damage Insurance and Baggage Insurance Plan are underwritten by AMEX Assurance Company. Car Rental Loss & Damage Insurance is offered through American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc.

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