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The Best Travel Nursing Companies 2023

The Best Travel Nursing Companies 2023

The best travel nursing companies for 2023 are here! This year, we evaluated over 420 travel nursing agencies by aggregating over 160,000 reviews from 6 leading review sources. Then, we used our transparent scoring system to determine the top 20 travel nursing agencies for 2023.

This is the seventh year in a row that we’ve spent massive amounts of time collecting the scores and compiling a list of the best travel nursing companies. We are compelled to do this each year for several reasons.

Important and Difficult to find the Best Travel Nursing Companies

First, travel nursing agencies provide highly impactful services to travel healthcare professionals. As a result, service levels can have a profound effect on a travel healthcare professional’s career and even life in general.

Meanwhile, it’s very difficult to determine which travel nursing companies are performing the best. This is mostly because there are tons of agencies with reviews scattered across multiple review sources. As a result, an agency might look amazing on one review website and a disastrous on another.

Moreover, the internet is experiencing a proliferation of best travel nursing agency lists. Unfortunately, most of these lists are subpar or entirely worthless. For example, there are lists on the first page of Google right now which include companies that have been closed for years and others that have verifiably horrible service records.

How BluePipes Ranks the Best Travel Nursing Companies Each Year

By contrast, BluePipes conducts a rigorous process to determine the best travel nursing companies each year. First, we collect the number of reviews and review scores for every agency we can find on the 6 different review websites we check. We enter the numbers into a spreadsheet and calculate the aggregate average score for each agency. Then, we compare the current year’s scores to the previous year’s scores and award bonuses or penalties based on score increases or decreases.

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The process is transparent and reproduceable for anyone who wanted to collect the scores and run the calculations. Here are the 6 review sources we used in 2023:

We provide a detailed review of each rating service, some interesting observations and a sample of our scoring system below. For now, please consider every travel nursing agency on our list. They all scored exceptionally well. Moreover, different companies provide different services and we’re confident you’ll find the right fit if you consider all the amazing companies here.

Use BluePipes to Land Jobs with the Best Travel Nursing Agencies

Of course, this might sound like a ton of work. But that’s why we created BluePipes. You can communicate with nearly every company on this list through our platform. You can apply to jobs with many of these companies on our powerful travel nursing job board.

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Best Travel Nursing Companies 2023

Here are the best travel nursing agencies of 2023:

Now let’s take a look at some specific details about each of the best travel nursing companies on our list.

1. Atlas MedStaff

It’s been a long time coming for Atlas MedStaff to make the number one spot on our list. We say that for a couple of reasons. First, Atlas MedStaff has been on our list for 6 out of the last 7 years. Second, Atlas MedStaff receives tons of love from their travelers on social media where we routinely see travelers recommending Atlas and/or extoling Atlas’s virtues more than we see it for any other company.

Atlas MedStaff had a great year in reviews. Their aggregate average score increased to 94.56 on 110 new reviews. Additionally, Highway Hypodermics named Atlas MedStaff one of their top companies for 2023.

Reviews for Atlas MedStaff describe recruiters who are patient, responsive and knowledgeable. Atlas MedStaff offers a robust set of benefits including 401(k), license and certification reimbursements, continuing education program, paid bereavement leave and much more.

Atlas MedStaff places RNs, LPNs and various allied candidates in travel assignments nationwide. They have access to a large volume of jobs and great relationships with their staffing partners which helps ensure that they can land you the jobs you want in the locations you want.

2. Uniti Med

Uniti Med was founded in 2021 and they’re already making our list at the number 2 spot! This comes as no surprise to those who know this company. The two founders had over 50 years of combined experience in the staffing industry prior to starting the company. They’ve built an amazing team who lives the company motto every day, “The medical staffing agency with heart.”

Unit Med had an amazing year in reviews. They received 352 new reviews this year, bringing their total to 397 all time. The have the second highest aggregate average score of any company on our list at 98.15.

Uniti Med’s reviews describe a company that puts their travelers first. Reviewers appreciate that Uniti Med’s recruiters go all out to find the assignments they’re looking for. Travelers appreciate that Uniti’s recruiters are quick to respond to inquiries and always follow up promptly.

Uniti Med is based in Omaha, Nebraska. They staff nurses and allied health professionals nationwide.

3. Travel Nurses Inc

Travel Nurses Inc debuts on our list at number 3 this year. However, their sister company, OR Nurses Nationwide, was our number 1 company in 2017 so this organization has a track record of delivering exceptional service.

Travel Nurses Inc’s aggregate average score increased to 94.15 this year from 91.19 the previous year. They also received bonus points for their higher scores on GlassDoor and Google.

Travel Nurses Inc was founded by nurses so they have a deep understanding of both sides of the equation. They pride themselves on providing world class service at every stage of your engagement with them. This includes a mandatory step they call the “Engagement Letter Review” in which recruiters review every important detail of the contract prior to start. This way, healthcare professionals don’t run into any surprises with Travel Nurses Inc. We should also mention that they have a really great job board too!

Travel Nurses Inc is based in Memphis, Tennessee. They staff nurses and allied health professionals nationwide.

4. Health Providers Choice

Health Providers Choice was Highway Hypodermics number 1 company this year. They come in at number 4 on our list. This is their second time making our list. They’ve made Highway Hypodermics list every year but one since 2014!

Travelers rave about the organized and efficient onboarding process with Health Providers Choice. They also mention that the recruiters are quick to respond and highly knowledgeable.

Health Providers Choice has a comprehensive benefits package. They have more than one clinical liaison. They will have someone available 24/7/365 for travelers to call in case of emergency. Health Providers Choice is a member NATHO and they’ve been JCAHO certified since 2005.

Health Provers Choice is located in Rochester Hills, Michigan. They staff nurses and allied health professionals nationwide.

5. Focus Staff

We’ve always known that Focus Staff is a great travel nursing company. This year, their review scores proved it. Their aggregate average score increased by nearly 5 points to 91.46. They added 193 new reviews this year, bringing their total number of reviews to 479.

Focus Staff’s reviewers love how attentive their recruiters are. You’ll see frequent mentions of regular check-ins from recruiters. You’ll also see mentions that Focus Staff’s recruiters are great listeners as well as communicators.

Focus Staff is based in Dallas, Texas. They staff nurses and allied professionals nationwide.

6. Junxion Med Staffing

We’re thrilled so see Junxion Med Staffing on our list this year. We’ve always known that they provide great service. However, they’re a smaller company so they hadn’t met our minimum review count in the past. They crossed that threshold this year and landed at number 6 on our list.

How does that happen? Well, Junxion has the highest aggregate average score, 98.16, of all the companies on our list. They made our list based on that alone, no bonus points necessary.

Junxion’s founder was a traveling Certified Surgical Technologist before founding the company. They are based in Fort Worth, Texas. They staff nursing and allied professionals nationwide.

7. Ventura MedStaff

Ventura MedStaff was founded in 2018. This is their second time on our list. They came in at number 6 in 2020.

Ventura has an aggregate average score of 95.71 on 166 reviews. They have great review scores on every review source.

Ventura MedStaff has multiple recruiters who were once travel healthcare professionals themselves. They have a management team with over 5 decades of experience in the industry. Traveler reviews describe a company that is organized, hardworking and fun loving.

Ventura MedStaff is based in Omaha, Nebraska. They staff nursing and allied professionals nationwide.

8. Stability Healthcare

Stability Healthcare makes our list for the third year in a row. They tallied up 240 new reviews this year, bringing their total number of reviews to 755. Their aggregate average score is 96.48 which is really high for having such a large number of reviews.

Reviewers describe their Stability recruiters as attentive, competent, caring and transparent. They also describe a highly organized onboarding process.

That said, Stability Healthcare also has highly robust and beautifully designed web and mobile applications. These platforms allow travel healthcare professionals to search for jobs, build their profile and ultimately submit themselves for jobs. As a result, travelers have access to the best of both worlds with Stability Healthcare.

Stability Healthcare is based in Los Angeles, California. They staff nursing and allied health professionals nationwide.

9. MedUS Healthcare

MedUS Healthcare is another company that’s making our list for the first time and we’re here for it! With 34 new reviews this year, MedUS broke the 50-review minimum to make our list. Their aggregate average score is a whopping 97.73!

MedUS’s motto is, “Better people. Better outcomes.” At their core, they’re a company that accepts that different people engage in travel healthcare for different reasons. As a result, they seek to understand what your goals are and then tailor their approach to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

MedUS is based in Cincinnati, Ohio. They staff nursing and allied health professionals nationwide.

10. Cariant Health Partners

Cariant Health Partners makes our list for the third time in four years. They came in this year with an aggregate average score of 94.24 on 195 total reviews. Their bonus points brought their score up to 97.65.

In their reviews, travelers describe recruiters who are caring, diligent and organized. Several of Cariant’s staff are former travelers themselves. That includes the founders who were a traveling PT and nurse duo prior to starting the company.

Cariant Health Partners is based in Omaha, Nebraska. They staff travel nurses and allied professionals nationwide.

11. Host Healthcare

Host Healthcare is true powerhouse of world class service. They’ve been on our list every year since 2017. They were number one in 2020 and number 3 last year. They are also routinely on Highway Hypodermics list where they were number 1 in 2021 and 2022.

Host Healthcare added a whopping 1320 new review this year. To put that in perspective, only one company on our list has more total reviews than Host’s new reviews for this year alone. Obviously, Host Healthcare has the most total reviews on our list by far with 4269.

Meanwhile, Host boasts an aggregate average review of 97.13. This is absolutely amazing given the volume of reviews they’ve received.

Host Healthcare is based in San Diego, CA. They staff nursing and allied health professionals nationwide.

12. Trusted Nurse Staffing

Trusted Nurse Staffing makes our list for the second year in a row, coming in at number 12 this year. They added 156 new reviews this year. Their aggregate average score increased slightly to 96.66 on 659 total reviews.

Trusted Nurse Staffing’s reviews describe recruiters who are quick to reply, thorough and honest. Reviewers also love the pay rates and benefits that Trusted Nurse Staffing offers.

Buffalo Business First awarded Trusted Nurse Staffing first place in their Best Places to Work large business category. Buffalo’s Democrat and Chronicle also recognized Trusted Nurse Staffing in their Top Places to Work awards. Moreover, Trusted Nurse Staffing launched a new job board called Pronto this year!

Trusted Nurse Staffing is based in Buffalo, New York. They celebrated their 15th birthday this year. They staff nurses and allied health professionals nationwide.

13. CrossMed Healthcare

CrossMed Healthcare makes our list for the second year in a row. That’s a great track record given that the company was founded in 2019!

This year, CrossMed received 136 new reviews. Their aggregate average score is 96.72. The reviews indicate that CrossMed is a great company for new and experienced travelers alike. Additionally, CrossMed won an award for being one of Omaha’s best places to work this year!

CrossMed is based in Omaha, Nebraska. They staff nurses and allied health professionals nationwide.

14. Advantis Medical

Advantis Medical has achieved a significant milestone by being included on our list for the fourth time in the past five years. This accomplishment is particularly impressive considering they only began operations five years ago.

This year, Advantis received an impressive 426 new reviews, many of which were five-star ratings. With an aggregate average score of 93.69, their reviews consistently highlight several key themes. Recruiters at Advantis Medical are known for their prompt responsiveness, extensive knowledge, thoroughness, transparency, and enjoyable conversations.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Advantis Medical specializes in staffing nurses and allied health professionals across the nation. They provide clinicians with the option to work with a specialized Pro Recruiter or explore job opportunities on their online travel nursing job board.

15. Coast Medical Service

This is Coast Medical Service’s second year in a row on our list. They added 74 new reviews this year, bringing their total number of reviews to 228. Their aggregate average score is 94.65.

Coast Medical Services has been in business since 1979! They offer travel contracts, per diem, block scheduling and permanent placement services. They pride themselves on delivering world class customer service and developing meaningful relationships with the healthcare professionals they serve.

Coast Medical Services is based in Hermosa Beach, California. They staff nursing and allied health professionals nationwide.

16. Ethos Medical Staffing

Ethos Medical Staffing makes our list for the first time and we’re excited to see it. Their reviews tell the tale of an enthusiastic, diligent and knowledgeable team that loves to connect healthcare professionals with their ideal roles.

Ethos Medical Staffing’s aggregate average score is 95.56 on 109 total reviews. This is the first year we evaluated them, so they make the list based on the strength of their impressive aggregate average score alone.

Ethos Medical Staffing is based in Lenexa, Kansas. They staff nursing and allied health professionals nationwide.

17. TotalMed Staffing

TotalMed Staffing makes our list for the fourth time. They received 447 new reviews this year. That brings their total 1663 reviews.

TotalMed was founded in 2005. They have received countless awards over the years. For example, they were on Travel Nursing Central’s list of best travel nursing companies from 20015 to 2020. They have been on Highway Hypodermics list a number of years including this year at number 8.

TotalMed staffs nurses and allied health professionals nationwide. They have access to high volume of jobs via partnerships with VMSs and MSPs, direct relationships and their own MSP service.

18. Axis Medical Staffing

Axis Medical Staffing has made our list every single year. They were number one last year! Axis also make the lists of Highway Hypodermics and Travel Nursing Central nearly every year. They are number 6 on Highway Hypodermics this year!

Axis Medical Staffing has an aggregate average score of 95.23 on 910 reviews. The reviews indicate that travelers simply love everything about Axis. One reviewer on Google described their Axis recruiter as, “…a real-life Mary Poppins.” We’re confident that Axis Medical Staffing can make all your travel healthcare dreams come true.

Axis Medical Staffing is based in Seattle, Washington. They staff nursing and various allied health professionals nationwide.

19. KPG Healthcare

This is KPG Healthcare’s first time on our list and we’re happy to see them here! They have an aggregate average score of 93.23. They received 114 new reviews this year.

KPG’s main goal is to exceed your expectations in the process of assisting you to find high quality, rewarding career opportunities. Their reviews indicate they are doing just that.

KPG Healthcare is based in El Segundo, California with offices in Las Vegas, Nevada and Scottsdale, Arizona. They staff nurses, physicians and allied health professionals nationwide. They recently launched a service to assist Canadian nurses land employment opportunities in the US!

20. CoreMedical Group

CoreMedical Group makes our list for the third time. They received 152 new reviews this year, bringing their total to 680.

The reviews describe a company that is dedicated to providing world-class service. One travel nurse explained that they had been with CoreMedical since 2020 and that there is nowhere else they’d rather work.

CoreMedical was founded in 1989. They are based in beautiful Manchester, New Hampshire. They staff nurses, physicians and allied health professionals nationwide.

Background on BluePipes Best Travel Nursing Companies

We’re certain that you’ll find multiple great companies who can meet your needs if you consider all 20 companies on our list. That said, we want you to have the same confidence that we do. To that end, let’s quickly review everything you need to know.

Our Review Sources

As we mentioned above, we aggregate scores from six review sources. We do not use reviews from our own website because we do not have a review feature yet. Perhaps more importantly, the 6 review sources we use are all highly trusted, publicly accessible and have a critical mass of reviews.

We do not accept payment to make it on our list. Some of the companies on the list are customers of ours and others are not. Also, we have lots of customers who don’t make the list.

By and large, our scoring system is transparent and reproducible. Of course, that’s if anybody wants to take the crazy amount of time necessary to compile the scores.

Some of our review sources accept reviews from internal staff and travel staff. We’re good with that. Great companies are great for both travelers and internal staff. No company could possibly make our list by catering to only one side of the equation as their scores would never be high enough.

Please note that we scour the reviews of the top companies in an effort to find fake reviews. We disqualify companies if we see them.

Sample Breakdown of our Best Travel Nursing Agency Scoring System

Now, let’s take a look at how the scoring breaks down for Advantis Medical, the number 14 company on our list.

Collecting the Scores

First, we visit Advantis’s company page on each of the 6 review sources. We enter the number of reviews and the score for each review source into a spreadsheet.

Here are the scores we collected for Advantis this year:

How We Calculate the Aggregate Average Score

Next, we calculate the aggregate average score. To calculate this score, we must convert all the scores to a common scoring scale because the review sources use different scoring scales. TNC uses a 100-point scale. HH uses a 20-point scale. The others use a 5-point scale. So, we convert them all to a 100-point scale.

Here are Advantis’s converted scores for each review source.

Next, we calculate values for the 2 variables we need to calculate the aggregate average score. The first is the total number of reviews. The second is the total value of all the review scores.

Finally, we divide the aggregate total by the total number of reviews to get the Aggregate Average Score for 2023. Here is Advantis’s calculation for 2023:

Aggregate Difference Score

Next, we determine the Aggregate Difference score by comparing the Aggregate Average Score for 2023 to the Aggregate Average Score for 2022.

We follow these guidelines for the aggregate difference score:

Advantis’s aggregate average score for 2022 was 93.43142857. Their aggregate average score for 2023 is 93.68865979.

So, we subtract 93.43142857 from 93.6886598. We are left with + 0.257231222.

Therefore, Advantis receives a bonus of + 0.257231222 added to their aggregate average score for 2023. 93.68865979 + 0.257231222 = 93.70648001.

And yes, all those decimal places are necessary. For example, our number 9 and 10 companies are separated by less than .08 of a point this year.

The Individual Difference Score

Next, we calculate an “individual difference score” for each rating service. Like the aggregate difference score, the individual difference score doles out bonuses or penalties based on the difference between last year’s score and this year’s score for each rating service.

The Individual Difference Score has several guidelines and qualifiers. We choose to keep this scoring mechanism private to ensure that content farms and other content-scoundrels don’t steal our scoring system like they do everything else.

However, if you’re a traveler or staffing agency who would like a full breakdown of everything, then simply contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss all the details with you.

Meeting the Minimum Requirements

Once we have all the scores tallied, we can rank the companies from highest to lowest score. Finally, we check each of the top-ranking companies to make sure they meet our minimum requirements below.

Again, these requirements ensure that the companies on our list have an adequate sample size of legitimate reviews.

Advantis has 776 total reviews. Therefore, they meet our minimum requirement of 50.

Next, we look to determine if they have 15 reviews from healthcare professionals within the past year. Advantis had 426 new reviews this year. They had 44 new reviews on Highway Hypodermics alone. Since HH only accepts reviews from healthcare professionals, Advantis met their quota on this review source alone.

Finally, we checked Advantis’s reviews for “malicious fake reviews”. We didn’t find any.

What are malicious fake reviews? Well, there are many different types of fake reviews. For example, we saw a lot of fake reviews on Facebook this year that were actually promoting cryptocurrency with the review comments. The travel nursing company is more of a victim than a villain in this case.

By contrast, a malicious fake review is one that promotes the agency and is clearly not real. For example, we’ve seen cases where large numbers of foreign reviewers leave reviews for American travel nursing companies.

Wow, that was a very wonky review our scoring system! If you’re still awake, then you’re probably ready for bed! But, you’re an expert on our scoring system!!

As always, we hope you found this information useful. Please contact us with any questions or concerns about our ranking system. And, join BluePipes for free so you can manage your travel healthcare career with ease!

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