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Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card Travel Insurance

The Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card provides excellent travel insurance benefits that could help protect your trips. Depending on how you travel, you might benefit from trip delay reimbursement, primary auto rental insurance, lost luggage reimbursement, and more.1

Let’s explore the Capital One Venture X travel insurance benefits so you can see how they work and when they might apply.

Key Takeaways

  • Credit card travel insurance benefits often have strict requirements for when they apply and how you can submit claims. It’s important to read over your card’s benefits guide to understand how each travel insurance benefit works, including whether you have to pay a deductible and how much time you have to submit a claim.
  • Most travel rewards credit card insurance benefits have a limit on how much you can be reimbursed for if you have a successful claim.
  • Credit card issuers tend to work with third-party providers who handle credit card insurance benefits. So don’t be surprised if you have to submit a claim to a company that isn’t Capital One, Chase, Citi, American Express, or another major card company.
  • While not necessarily related to travel insurance, the Capital One Venture X also provides other protection perks and benefits, including purchase security, extended warranty protection, return protection, and cell phone protection.

Primary car rental coverage

The auto rental collision damage waiver could reimburse you for car rental damages caused by theft or collision. This counts as primary coverage, meaning you don’t have to apply your personal or other car insurance policy before this coverage applies.

The Venture X rental car insurance can reimburse you for up to $75,000 and covers rental periods of 15 consecutive days within your country of residence or up to 31 consecutive days outside your country of residence.

You must use your card to pay for your entire car rental transaction and decline the rental company’s collision damage waiver option or similar provision. This benefit isn’t available in Israel, Jamaica, the Republic of Ireland, or Northern Ireland.

In addition, this benefit doesn’t cover certain vehicles, including antique cars, cargo vans, trucks, motorcycles, limousines, recreational vehicles, and more.

Trip cancellation and interruption insurance

This insurance could cover up to $2,000 per insured person (which could include you, your spouse, and your children) for nonrefundable common carrier tickets, such as nonrefundable flights.

You must charge the entire cost of your trip to your card for this benefit to apply. In addition, this benefit only applies if the trip is canceled or interrupted because of one of the following situations:

  1. A death, accidental bodily injury, disease, or physical illness of you or an immediate family member.
  2. Default of the applicable common carrier because of financial insolvency, such as the airline you booked through declaring bankruptcy.

Trip delay reimbursement

If you’re delayed more than six hours or require an overnight stay, the trip delay benefit could cover up to $500 for each purchased ticket on a covered trip for reasonable expenses made with your card.

Reasonable expenses could include meals and lodging. Toiletries and/or clothing might also count. You and your family (spouse and children under age 22) are covered if you paid for your fares using your card.

Lost luggage reimbursement

You and your immediate family members could receive up to $3,000 in reimbursement each if your checked and/or carry-on luggage (or its contents) is lost due to theft or misdirection by an airline.

This coverage only applies if you paid for your fares using your applicable credit card. Lost luggage reimbursement doesn’t cover the loss or theft of certain items, including contact lenses, eyeglasses, sunglasses, money, documents, cameras, sporting equipment, perfume, keys, automobiles, and more.

Travel and emergency assistance

If you need help while traveling, travel and emergency assistance services are available 24/7 and could help connect you with applicable emergency and assistance resources..

The card benefits team can help you find these services:

  • Emergency message service
  • Medical referral assistance
  • Legal referral assistance
  • Emergency transportation assistance
  • Emergency ticket replacement
  • Lost luggage service locator
  • Emergency translation services
  • Prescription assistance and valuable document delivery arrangements
  • Pre-trip assistance

Note that this is a service and not coverage that’s going to cover the cost of any local resource you might end up using. For example, it’s free to have the card benefits team put you in contact with an English-speaking doctor in another country, but any costs associated with employing the services of said doctor are your responsibility.

As the cardholder, you and your spouse and children under age 22 can use the travel and emergency assistance services benefit.

Travel accident insurance

You could receive up to $1,000,000 in travel accident coverage if you paid your fare with your credit card. This coverage insures you against accidental loss of life, limb, sight, speech, or hearing while riding as a passenger in or entering or exiting any licensed common carrier. A common carrier could include any applicable land, water, or air transportation.

This benefit is provided to you as the Capital One Venture X cardmember, not to your spouse or children, though authorized users typically receive their own benefits. If loss of life occurs, the benefit is paid to the first surviving beneficiary in this order:

  1. Your spouse
  2. Your children
  3. Your parents
  4. Your siblings
  5. Your estate

Additional card benefits

The Capital One Venture X Visa Infinite card also provides other types of protection benefits in addition to its travel insurance coverage and services.

Purchase security

Purchase security is a type of protection is eligible items recently purchased in the last 90 days with your applicable card. It can cover damage or theft of up to $10,000 per eligible item and up to $50,000 per card account.

This purchase protection benefit could apply if you shatter a newly-purchased tablet on the ground or if you’re traveling and your new phone is stolen.

But purchase security doesn’t cover antique or collectible items, animals, computer software, medical equipment, cash, credit or debit cards, or used items.

Extended warranty protection

Many items come with a manufacturer’s warranty that can help protect your purchase for a certain period. This extended warranty benefit can extend eligible warranties on items by an additional year

For example, if an item has an eligible manufacturer’s warranty of two years, the extended warranty benefit would grant an additional warranty year. So your item would have three total years of warranty protection.

This benefit only applies if you use your card to purchase all or a portion of an item with an eligible manufacturer’s warranty of three years or less.

Return protection

Return protection applies when you purchase an eligible item, and the retailer won’t accept it as a return. You could be reimbursed up to $300 per eligible item and up to an annual maximum of $1,000 per card account.

For this benefit to apply, you must use your card to purchase an eligible item, and the retailer where you purchased the item won’t accept it as a return within 90 days from the date of purchase.

Cellular telephone protection

Cell phone protection could help protect you if your phone is damaged, stolen, or lost in a manner where you know where it is but can’t retrieve it, like a phone that falls off a cliff or into the ocean. This benefit can provide coverage of up to $800 per claim with a maximum of two claims and $1,600 reimbursement every 12 months.

The cell phone coverage benefit only applies to cell phones attached to a monthly bill you pay with your card. This protection doesn’t cover most cell phone accessories, cosmetic cell phone damage, or prepaid phones.


Bottom line

Capital One Venture X travel insurance benefits range from primary car rental coverage to travel accident insurance. And, in some cases, you can also take advantage of other card benefits while traveling, including purchase protection, cell phone protection, and extended warranty protection.

Keep in mind that these benefits only work if you follow the rules, such as correctly filing a claim within a given period. So it’s important to read over your guide to benefits to know the ins and outs of your card’s benefits, including the documentation you need to provide with a claim.

For other credit card offers that might also provide helpful travel benefits, check out our list of the best travel credit cards.

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