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RVers On Youtube: The Traveling Robert Youtube Channel

If you want to get an overall idea of a place you want to visit in your RV (and maybe even film it yourself), take some cues from RVer and YouTuber Robert Morales.

Best known as Traveling Robert, Robert is a video creator who produces entertaining and inspiring travel videos. He films from the comfort of his 2015 Winnebago Micro Minnie (named “Minitini”) and his Chevy Colorado tow vehicle. He covers his home state of Florida as well as the rest of the country. Sometimes his wife, Ileana, joins him.

Traveling Robert
Robert Morales makes movie-length videos (and songs) about his RV travels. Photos and screenshots courtesy of Robert Morales/Traveling Robert

Robert’s YouTube videos are more like full-length movies. Some of them are between an hour to three hours long. Oh…and this talented guy sings and produces his own music.

Traveling Robert
Robert travels in a Winnebago Micro Minnie named Minitini.

Offering a 360 degree of RV life, Robert shoots footage from the driver’s seat and dashboard, the backup camera, and from a GoPro mount on top of his rig. This gives a good overall view of not only grand vistas but also highways and roads.

Traveling Robert
“Minitini” has traveled from Florida to the West Coast.

What makes Robert’s videos some of the best RV and travel videos out there is that he shows all facets of RV life. From cooking in a tiny kitchen to sped-up traffic and roadside scenery from the highway, his videos are a great way to learn about RVs and maybe plan for a similar trip.

Traveling Robert
Robert offers a few tips on how to film and edit RV travels.

When they are allowed, he sends his drone up for birds eye footage of various campgrounds and beautiful locations. His videos include trips all around the U.S., RV supershow tours, trailer reviews, and interviews with other RVers and van dwellers.

Traveling Robert
Drone footage of various campgrounds is an important part of his videos.

For anyone wanting to document their own RV travels, Morales has some tips. For cameras, he primarily uses a Sony FDR AX53 and his GoPro Hero7 and a Sony FDR X3000 for action shots. For some shots, he uses his Samsung Galaxy S9 phone.

For editing he recommends iMovie for beginners, but once the basics are covered, he suggests Final Cut Pro X. He personally uses Adobe Premiere Pro CC to edit his own movies.

Traveling Robert
A GoPro is also mounted to the Micro Minnie’s roof.

He also recommends to not be afraid to just start filming and not think too much about the technicalities or what anyone thinks of you.

Traveling Robert videos
No matter how ordinary, overhead camera and drone views offer interest.

So what if you want to start producing your own RV videos, but can’t carry a tune? Morales recommends using copyright free services for music such as YouTube.

Traveling Robert
Even backup camera footage can be interesting.

Sites such as Incompetech and AudioJungle also have free or inexpensive music tracks for download. For his own music, the ideas are inspired by various locations and seem to just come naturally.


You can view all of Robert’s videos and follow his travels on his YouTube channel or on his website TravelingRobert.com.

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