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Single Trip Travel Insurance for International Travelers

Single Trip Insurance for TravelersSingle trip travel insurance is the perfect plan for people who like to travel occasionally or perhaps once a year for their main vacation. It provides essential coverage when you are away from home. With different levels of coverage available, you can tailor a policy so you pay for only the features you need.

What is Single Trip Travel Medical Insurance?

When we talk about single-trip insurance, we are discussing policies that cover you for just one specific trip. You would arrange this insurance to cover you for the exact duration (number of days you are on your trip) and for the policy coverages that you feel you need. If you decide to take a second trip some weeks or months later, then you would need to arrange a new insurance plan to cover you for that trip.

If you are a frequent traveler or usually take two or more trips per year, then we recommend an annual travel insurance plan. This policy provides coverage for multiple trips across the year and will offer a far more significant saving on the cost of buying several separate single trip policies.

What Does Single Trip Travel Insurance Cover?

Insurance providers offer varying coverage options for single trip plans so you can decide which level of benefits would be most appropriate for you, depending on where you are traveling and for how long. You might want to consider a higher level of coverage for longer trips.

Basic trip cancellation insurance can be purchased if you’re merely looking for a policy that covers the payments you have made toward your trip. This is the right way of protecting your investment should something happen at home that stops you from being able to travel.

For domestic trips within your home country, a standard trip insurance policy can provide coverage against trip cancellation. This higher level of cover will protect the costs of your trip and as well as emergency medical expenses, evacuation, repatriation, travel delay, baggage protection, and more. This type of plan can also be used around the world. However, you may want to consider a more comprehensive travel health insurance policy when traveling internationally.

Travel health plans, also known as travel medical insurance policies, which do not cover the costs of trip cancellation, are recommended for international travel due to the high cost of medical services in some countries around the world and the higher cost of getting you back home in an emergency. As well as the increased levels of medical coverage, a travel health insurance plan will also cover lost baggage and more; it is not just a medical plan. This type of single trip travel insurance can be purchased for a short or long-term trip, covering a period of anywhere between 5 days and two years.

Typical benefits with a Single Trip Insurance Policy

  • Freedom to seek treatment with a hospital or doctor of your choice
  • Maximum limits from $50,000 to $2,000,000
  • 24/7 access to an emergency assistance medical hotline to speak with medical experts
  • Deductible options from $0 to $2,500
  • Renewable for up to 24 months
  • Travel delay and baggage delay benefits
  • Universal Rx pharmacy discount savings
  • Repatriation and emergency evacuation
  • Consider a plan with coverage for Covid-19 (or Coronavirus)

To most single-trip plans, you can add optional extras such as extreme sports benefits, which will cover you if you plan to participate in any adventurous activities.

If you are still unsure whether you should purchase single-trip travel insurance or an annual policy and which travel plan would be most suitable for your needs, please get in touch with one of our customer support teams for help and advice.

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