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The 10 best garment bags for wrinkle

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No one likes a wrinkle in their travel plans — or their travel pants for that matter.

While we can’t help a delayed flight or a weather mishap while on the road or in the sky, what we can do is help you travel in style with your suits and dresses pressed and ready to wear upon arrival.

No need to pack a steamer or iron (although, a travel steamer isn’t a bad idea) when you have a garment bag or a garment bag carry-on that doubles as your luggage.

Like a normal bag that hangs in your closet, these contraptions help keep suit jackets pressed, dresses unwrinkled and the rest of your delicates just the way you packed them — should they be able to be packed flat, that is.

Then, pack the garment bag in your suitcase or simply finish filling the carry-on and off you go, wrinkle-free.

1. Tumi Alpha Garment Bag Tri-Fold Carry-On, $750

A black garment bag

On your way to a wedding or a formal function? Pack this bag, as it can hold two suits or long, bulky gowns and still have room for other necessities. The bag unzips from the sides to lay flat, allowing you to pack with ease.

2. Away The Garment Bag, $195

A garment bag in navy blue

First, snag an Away suitcase. Then, pair it with this garment bag that packs pretty flat, can attach over your suitcase’s handle and can hold two suits or three long dresses inside. It also has pockets on the inside and the outside that can store shoes, jewelry and other VIP accessory.

3. Modoker Carry-On Garment Duffel Bag, $35+

A gray duffle bag

If you prefer a duffle, take a look at this find from Amazon. It is an Amazon Choice product, too, with over 8,000 reviews and counting, detailing the 45L capacity, ease-of packing and more.

4. Louis Vuitton Monogram Garment Bag 5 Hangers, $855, original price: $950

A Louis Vuitton bag

Travel in style with this designer garment bags for all your designer garments. We found this one gently used, but also discounted, at Fashionphile, where it is now almost $100 less than the original price.

5. Vera Bradley Packable Garment Organizer, $50

A tropic print garment bag
Vera Bradley

We love Vera for our duffles and overnighters, but now we can love her for our longer haul trips and special occasion packing, too. The garment organizer is great on it’s own for road trips with your dress, or can be packed flat into a pocket for on the go.

6. Swissgear Zurich Spinner Wheeled Garment Bag, $150

A black wheely suitcase

Don’t head to Switzerland for a great bag when you could just go to Target! The Swissgear bag is beloved by all, and not only has large garment bag pockets, but also has a water-proof pocket, pockets for shoes and areas for other items.

7. Halfday The Garment Duffel, $98

A blue duffle bag

Duffle half the time and a garment bag the other? Halfday was brilliant to design this TSA-friendly travel duffle bag, as when it unrolls it reveals a garment bag on the inside, and then can also be packed as a duffle for the rest of your dapper wardrobe.

8. Travelpro Maxlite Checked Rolling Garment Bag, $230, original price: $270

A black carryon

Travel like, well, a pro with this garment bag that you can pack, check and revisit wrinkle-free after your flight. Pack the zippered carry-on with suits, dresses and delicate items without fear, as the bag comes with a hanger, straps to keep everything in place and zippered pockets, too.

9. Calpak Compakt Large Garment Bag, $98

A purple garment bag

Just because it’s packed away, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be pretty! This purple garment bag is an extra large size, and even able to fit bulky items like a wedding dress before your destination wedding, for example. It also comes in other fun colors with a water-resistant lining and an easy-to-pack construction with exterior pockets for more accessories.

10. Clear Garment Bags, Three-Pack, $18

Three garment bags

No more rifling through your suitcase when planning an outfit. Instead, use clear garment bags like these when packing, and you’ll be able to see exactly what you have and in an wrinkle-free fashion.

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