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The 42 Best Travel Blogs to Guide You in 2023

A great travel blog can offer its readers a huge amount of value… especially in the unique circumstances of the past few years.

Most obviously, travel bloggers allow you to follow their trips and share in their experiences.

More than that however, these travel websites offer a way to access those treasured benefits of travel, wherever you are.

At a time when actually leaving the country is a challenge in itself, the best travel blogs provide a virtual window into the awesome places you can’t visit yourself (at least yet) and share tips to make your own trips even better.

The best travel blogs also provide a community that allow you to connect with other like-minded people from all over the world, one of the most amazing parts of travelling.

For us personally, many of the travel websites below were a massive source of inspiration in us starting our own Mindful Wonderer blog last year.

Here are 42 of the best travel blogs to guide you through 2022 and all its challenges.

Breathedreamgo by Mariellen Ward does a great job of promoting the values of wellness with travel. She also has plenty of tips on responsible and solo-female travel. Her articles and guides on travel to India are especially in-depth and useful, winning her a well-deserved award for Best Foreign Blogger from India Tourism in 2019.

Our favourite article right now: What Is Mindful Travel? 10 Travel Bloggers Share

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Life Well Wandered is a great resource for those who love travelling and looking for tips to improve their mental health. Alex shares her own experiences with anxiety and depression to inspire others with valuable tips and content to make difficult journeys that bit easier.

Our favourite article right now: 10 Little Ways to Practise Self-Care

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YogiApproved literally has you covered for “all things mindfulness” – that’s their tagline and they definitely back it up. We like their content and tips because they often have a strong focus on travel and exploring alongside yoga. After all, there aren’t many combinations more relaxing and beneficial for your wellbeing.

Our favourite article right now: These 10 Gratitude Mantras Will Bring You Joy, Peace and Abundance

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Travelling is a wonderful activity, but it’s easy to forget that for some it raises extra challenges. As one of the founders of Mindful Wonderer also has Social Anxiety, we know all too well how this can complicate seemingly simple experiences. Nicky’s travel blog is an unbelievably helpful resource for all who love travelling, but especially for those who suffer from anxiety. At a time when travelling the world is more difficult than ever, it’s websites like That Anxious Traveller being a force for positivity and change that also inspire our own efforts.

Our favourite article right now: Airport Anxiety: 12 Life-Changing Tips On How to Beat It!

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Ellie and Ravi personify mindful and positive travel. Their travel website Soul Travel Blog explores everything from the essentials like best places to see or stay, to wellness retreats and eco-friendly travel. It seems that exploring India goes hand-in-hand with writing great content on mental health and wellness too, as their guides and articles on travel to India are fantastic!

Our favourite article right now: Bangladesh Travel Guide: 30 Things to Know Before You Go

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Other helpful resources for mindful travel, and mental or physical wellbeing

  • Mind.org.ukA fantastic charity offering free support for those with mental health challenges
  • Meditations apps – The perfect on-the-go guide, some apps are super helpful to practise meditation wherever you are.
  • Healthline.com – Healthline is one of the biggest and best resources for maintaining mental and physical health. Whatever you are trying to achieve, I’m positive you’ll find helpful content here.
  • Support helplines (backed by the NHS) – A comprehensive list of helplines that are available to provide support at all times.

Justin Francis and his colleagues have created a brilliant resource here for those who only want to book trips which match the values they live by. There are various hubs which focus on different types of holiday like “flight-free”, “wildlife” or “accessible” to name a few. Responsible Travel also has 732 (!!) travel guides to help you travel responsibly and safely throughout the world.

Our favourite article right now: The Future of Travel and Tourism

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Travel For Difference is home to some of the best content on sustainability and travel. Kate Newman’s passion for animals and ethical focus 100% come through on the site, and make it the perfect place for those who want to travel and do good. There are even tips for taking action and joining activist causes you feel strongly about.

Our favourite article right now: 15 Inspiring Songs That Encourage a Better World

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Tiago and Sandrina have a beautiful and user-friendly website on sustainable travel that reflects the love they have for nature. Their work on eco-friendly travel is so comprehensive that they are currently working on a documentary called “Sustainable Steps – A New Way of Travelling”. This project on responsible tourism will be sure to join the rest of their content and various formats in being incredibly informative and eye-opening.

Our favourite article right now: Why is Sustainable Tourism so Important

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Sometimes in life, the stars just align… like your name being Greenfield, and dedicating your life to the environment and sustainable living. Rob’s website is an illuminating insight into local communities around the world, and the people who work so hard to make a difference. It’s rare you come across a website so full of kindness, inspiration and positivity – a great way to brighten your day and make a change.

Our favourite article right now: 20 Sustainable Businesses You Can Start Today!

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Other helpful resources for sustainable travel:

  • Sustainabletravel.org – Dedicated to protecting the planet’s most vulnerable destinations, this website offers a great place for those looking to contribute to the movement.
  • Thetravelfoundation.org.uk – This international sustainable tourism charity does fantastic work “on the ground” all over the world to ensure local people and the environment are protected from the negative effects of tourism.

Vagrants of the World focuses on the idea of slow travel, and taking your time. All of their travel guides and content are really informative, but the tips on safe and healthy travel are particularly insightful. At a time when health and mindful travel is so important and travelling post-Covid carries so many extra implications, Vagrants of the World provides really welcome tips.

Our favourite article right now: Best Anti-Theft Travel Gear Guide

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Apart from having a pun-tastic name (which naturally we are fans of), Two Wandering Soles helps you plan your trips in the best way – by advising you on everything you need to know, including travel safety tips. There is also a wealth of information on staying fit, eating right and responsible travel, making this website from Katie and Ben just a great resource for travelling mindfully.

Our favourite article right now: How to Plan a Trip

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Practical Wanderlust is one of our top travel websites we’ve come across, and not just because we are pretty practical people. First off, there are so many guides on how and what to pack for your trip so you are using your valuable space efficiently and don’t risk overheating or freezing somewhere. However their tips on safe travel and travel insurance are super digestible and relevant, something which sounds much easier to do than it is. If you are looking for one travel blog with all the information to stay safe and make sure you don’t regret what you’ve packed, look no further!

Our favourite article right now: 21 Travel Safety Tips: How to Protect Yourself and Prevent Theft While Traveling

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Other helpful resources for safe travel:

  • Your government website – Right now it’s a must to check your government website for the latest restrictions and advice on where you are planning to go
  • Check for the latest destination-specific news on google.
  • Kayak Travel Restrictions Map – A brilliant map to show you where you can and cannot travel to by air.
  • Thinking of travelling to London? We have an Ultimate Guide on how to travel safely and make the most of your trip.

HandLuggageOnly is one of the first blogs we looked at for inspiration when creating our website. The user experience is super smooth, everything is well laid out and pretty, and then there’s all the content! Click on the destinations page and it looks like there is an article to cover every country in the world. Yaya and Lloyd also seem to be as big food-lovers as we are, so we’ve really enjoyed eating our way through their foodie tips!

Our favourite article right now: The 19 Prettiest and Best Places to Visit in England

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At some point we’ve all wished we had a doctor’s advice on our travels. The Globetrotter GP scratches this itch with professional advice on a range of subjects. Wondering how to stay fit or avoid altitude sickness? Leanne has articles for that. Want to know where the best hiking spots in the UK are? Look no further. You aren’t limited to a 10 minute appointment either!

Our favourite article right now: 12 Beautiful English Countryside Getaways to Enjoy in 2019

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Headed up by editor Duncan Rhodes, Urban Travel Blog specialises in short, city breaks. Looking for suggestions on a romantic getaway, weekend escape, or budget break? Urban Travel Blog’s many expert writers will have you covered with “Long Weekend Guides” that have just the right amount of information and must-see highlights.

Our favourite article right now: Long Weekend Guide: Toronto

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Think you have to be born in London to run an award-winning travel blog based there? Nope, you can also be an ex-pat from California too! A Lady in London offers amazing content to help you travel over the UK and the other 112 countries she has visited. You can also find other services on her travel blog, including “how to blog” coaching, events running and travel planning services.

Our favourite article right now: 13 Villages You Have to See in the Cotswolds

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Monica Lucy focuses on helping her readers with microadventures, motherhood and travelling with children. Monica has also written about so many activities in the UK that we never would have thought of, and ensures you’ll never have a dull moment on your trip.

Our favourite article right now: 10 Free Things to do in Every City

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Vicky’s website offers a treasure-trove of travel advice, especially when it comes to long trips in Asia. We also really love how you can search by the type of trip you are interested in taking, and the sheer number of different options. Festivals more your thing? Vicky Flip Flop Travels has you perfectly covered there too, from festivals in Scotland all the way to Japan!

Our favourite article right now: 6 Amazing Places to Go Glamping in the New Forest

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Other helpful resources for UK travel:

  • Visitlondon.com – The Official London Visitor Guide does exactly what you’d think, and does it well. You can also book tickets and find offers here.
  • Trainline.com – The best website for finding cheap train tickets throughout the UK. If you are planning to take a lot of trains, I would also suggest getting a Railcard.
  • You can also check out our Ultimate London Guide or list of 25 top things to do in London

I bet you will struggle to find a more beautiful website than The Blonde Abroad – in fact, Kiki’s photography skills are exceeded only by the quality of her articles and sheer quantity of useful information. Having left her corporate job to travel the world, Kiki now excels in sharing her experiences and tips… The awards she has won, including being a Forbes ranked “Top 10 Travel Influencer”, show she has absolutely nailed it since.

Our favourite article right now: The Ultimate Wellness Travel Guide to Tulum, Mexico

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Kristin focuses on something quite a few travel blogs or websites miss – the reader, and making their journey the absolute best it can be. The inspirational guides to travelling the world as a solo female possess everything you need to know to stay safe and healthy, and plenty more besides.

Our favourite article right now: The 20 Best Destinations for Solo Female Travelers

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Hey Ciara is an amazing website that promotes self-care and fearless travel. All of Ciara’s articles are easy to read and super digestible, never asking the reader to work too hard and making sure the content is enjoyable. At a time when travelling has so much stress around it, that value goes a long way.

Our favourite article right now: 13 Ways to Meet People While Traveling Solo

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Jessica has worn many hats in her life. Saleswoman. Teacher living in Japan. Blogger. Business Owner. First documented black woman to visit every country in the world (with a book about it on the way)! Her wealth of experiences feed into her great content and writing, taking readers on a literary and visual journey to incredible places… whilst her luxury travel company Jet Black can literally take you there!

Our favourite article right now: My life is Not a Vacation

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Gay Cities is a one-stop content hub for all the LGBTQ information you will need on your travels. Part of the site functions like a news site, and all you need to do for travel information on a place is search for it. Searches will also show upcoming events, restaurants to check out and much more, all with a nifty liking system so you can see where is popular.

Our favourite article right now: 5 glorious destinations to enjoy once it’s safe to travel again

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Nomadic Boys have a charm about them, and it’s really refreshing to join some bloggers who don’t take themselves too seriously. The photos are light-hearted and hilarious, and their articles and guides are super informative. Stefan and Sebastien have also obviously built their website to make you feel like you are just along for the journey, making the experience fantastic for the reader.

Our favourite article right now: Most Gay-Friendly Countries in the World

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Karl and Daan have built a wonderful website for their readers, and focus on gay rights, equality and gay-friendly travel reviews. The quality of their content is obvious, but the fact they have just won Lonely Planet’s LGBTQ+ Storytellers of 2021 is just further proof of how great a job they are doing.

Our favourite article right now: Wow! We are Lonely Planet’s LGBTIQ+ Storytellers of 2021

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1 Dad 1 Kid follows the journeys of Talon Windwalker (what a name!) and his young trans daughter Tigger as they explore the world. Tigger is in Talon’s words “world schooled” by him and their experiences and nomadic lifestyle – most of us would have loved such an education, but the next best thing is to follow Talon and Tigger’s travels and the valuable lessons being taught on the road.

Our favourite article right now: The Day I Bought My Son a Dress

1 Dad 1 Kid currently doesn’t have an instagram account 🙁

Other helpful resources for LGBTQ+ travel:

  • Outtraveler.com: The ideal LGBTQ+ publisher which even used to have a print magazine but now focuses on online content.
  • Gay-specific accommodation sites: Rainbow World Hotels, Purple Roofs, and MisterBNB
  • Equaldex.com: A knowledge base for safety and rights of LGBT persons throughout the world.

Atlas and Boots is an award winning outdoor travel blog read by over 250,000 people a month… and we can see why. Kia and Abdullah have seriously impressive experience in the fields of writing and adventuring. They combine on Atlas and Boots to offer valuable information on rare and daring adventurers for their similarly daring readers.

Our favourite article right now: Most Dangerous Countries in the World Ranked

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When trying to follow their dreams of being famous musicians didn’t work out, Dave and Deb turned their attentions to making another dream a reality – travelling the world and documenting their travels. In that endeavour, they have certainly succeeded, winning many awards and working with some of the biggest brands there are. Check out their website for in-depth activity and adventure guides on fascinating places from Africa to Antarctica.

Our favourite article right now: 14 Best Things to do in the Maldives

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What we love about Alex in Wanderland is the feel-good factor. Whether you are reading about yoga retreats in Thailand, scuba diving in Isla Mujeres, or caving in Florida, you won’t be able to shake the feeling that Alex absolutely adores what she does… and it’s so infectious. Her content provides an accessible window into many exciting (and some maybe extreme) activities that inspires us all to make the most of our valuable travels.

Our favourite article right now: The Wanderland Guide to Koh Tao

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Adventure In You champions the idea of leaving your comfort zone and personal growth. How do they do this? Through fantastic travel guides, inspirational content, and effective travel blogging training. In fact, watching one of their webinars on how to start a travel blog was like the match which sparked starting our own website! Tom and Anna are particularly experts on Asia, and we are super glad we stumbled across their website while looking for tips for our holiday to Thailand.

Our favourite article right now: Thailand Travel Tips

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When your father is a photographer for the National Geographic, and your mother is a legendary yogi, travelling is just in your blood. Alison has been called the “female Indiana Jones”, and the name fits. She seems to seamlessly immerse herself in different cultures, but more importantly is on a mission to inform and inspire. This ted talk Alison did is also a great reminder of the “greatest treasure on earth”, and how we can all turn the tide by working together.

Our favourite article right now: Galapagos – The Last Pristine Place on Earth?

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Jeremy was dealt a difficult hand when he graduated into the middle of a recession in 2009, but he has since turned it into a massive positive, creating a brilliant resource for travel enthusiasts. His website offers lots of information, but also focuses on the mistakes he’s made to help others learn from his less fortunate experiences. All in all, Travel Freak feels like Jeremy’s way of offering as much help as possible to his readers, giving back for the fortune he had himself when he first went abroad all those years ago.

Our favourite article right now: 65 Best Travel Tips I’ve Learned After 10 Years of Traveling

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Other helpful resources for outdoor and adventure travel:

  • Outdoorgearlab.com: An insane collection of reviews on all the best pieces of gear you’ll need for your journey and activities.
  • Planetmountain.com: Reviews, news and information on mountains and trails, and their difficulty to scale.

Healthy Travel Blog is another of our absolute favourite blogs. The content is incredibly useful, and covers topics from recipes, to living abroad, to wellness and fitness. The website is brought to you by the Global Citizens Association, and seems to welcome contributing writers. This makes it a travel website “for the people, by the people” – the value of this is endless, as it means the content comes from so many different sources and perspectives, only adding to its value and relatability.

Our favourite article right now: 10 Exercises You Can Do on an Airplane Without Looking Weird

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When it comes to staying fit on holiday, it’s natural to think the two don’t go together – especially if like us your main aim abroad is to see how much you can literally stomach. Travel and Keep Fit show that a healthy balance can be found, if you have the right information and a helpful travel website to support you. Alex’s profession as a psychologist also enables her to add an enlightening perspective to her content, and consider the wider implications of travel for wellbeing. The entire website is available in Polish too!

Our favourite article right now: Healthy Eating Habits (and More) From Around the World

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Food is arguably the best part about travelling. At least it is for us at Mindful Wonderer. And sure, apps like TripAdvisor are great, but it’s not quite the same as a personal recommendation. That’s why we love Melissa’s instagram and website, allowing us to vicariously eat our way through Asia and other places. But on holiday it’s physically impossible to be eating 24/7, and so there’s also a huge amount of travel tips and guides to go with the great food recommendations. We especially like the in-depth guides on little-known locations that we hadn’t heard about, as it just opens up more of the world to the possibility of travel.

Our favourite article right now: Taipei Food Guide

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Other helpful resources for nutrition and fitness travel:

  • Nerdfitness.com: A website supporting a healthy lifestyle wherever you are in the world.
  • Best workout apps: There are so many to choose from, and some are super effective without needing equipment.
  • Healthline.com: Again, this website is super useful for all things health.

Emma uses her personal travel experiences with a disability to compile excellent accessibility guides, event and accommodation reviews with need to know information and many more tips. Her content is a wonderful window into her life travelling with her partner, or “simply”, her life.

Our favourite article right now: How to Survive a Long Haul Flight as a Wheelchair User

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Ed Rex decided he’d had enough of his corporate job in 2011, and has been travelling the world ever since. His travel articles are fantastic, but the rare opportunity to read how a deaf person experiences travelling the world allows his writing to be even more significant. There is also a whole section on Handsome Travel! Curiosity piqued yet?

Our favourite article right now: Travelling Solo With a Cochlear Implant Around the World

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We’ve all been guilty of rushing to get some place. Maybe you rush to get everywhere you go. The Bimblers is all about finding that patience, managing a difficult hand you’ve been dealt and just being happy “in the slow lane”. Their knowledge and experiences of chronic pain and invisible illness also allows them to relate to many who may be looking for support, making their website an amazing tool.

Our favourite article right now: What are the Benefits of Using an Electric Wheelchair?

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Other helpful resources for disabled and accessible travel:

  • Official tourism pages for the city you are visiting: This one is quite self-explanatory, so just search for something created and maintained by the local tourism department.
  • Flying with Disability: This website supports travellers with advice to negotiate airports and logistics of travelling.
  • For UK travel, here is a fantastic list of UK based accessibility websites from the Guardian.

It’s quite difficult to talk about travel blogging without mentioning Matt Kepnes. Certainly among backpackers and budget travelers, Nomadic Matt is legendary. His website offers perhaps the most comprehensive collection of content on money-saving tips, finding good-value accommodation and just generally making the most of your trips. He’s a NY Times best selling writer too, if you needed any more reasons to check out his website…

Our favourite article right now: The Ultimate Guide to Traveling With no Money

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Kate of Adventurous Kate is another travel blogger widely considered to be one of the pioneers of the industry. Since 2010, she has been equipping women all over the world with the tools and information they need to travel well and safely. In 2017 she was named by Forbes as one of the top 10 most influential travelers. Like many other influential bloggers, Kate also now shares many “how to start a blog” tips for others to follow in the path she has trodden so successfully.

Our favourite article right now: No, I Will Not Stop Talking About Politics on My Travel Blog

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Matt Karsten is one of our absolute favourite bloggers, and Expert Vagabond is kind of the ultimate travel blog. He writes on pretty much everything travel-related, and his content is consistently among the best and most well-researched out there – instead of “jack of all trades”, think “master of all trades”. His photography is also off the charts. When it comes to sharing tips for others to become “vagabonds”, he has quite a few excellent articles on jobs outside the travel blogger niche we’d definitely recommend.

Our favourite article right now: 40 Best Travel Jobs To Make Money Traveling The World

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Smarter Travel is just an all-round excellent website. The website is super clean and a breeze to use, the content is engaging and focused on the value for the reader, and you will struggle to find a topic that hasn’t been written about. Managed by a team of editors, it sits more in the realms of online magazines and news websites than a blog… and yet it feels like it incorporates the best parts of both for an unbelievable result and resource.

Our favourite article right now: The Ultimate Packing List

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That’s us! We’re Kyri and Wanischa, and we founded Mindful Wonderer in March 2020.

Mindful Wonderer is a travel and wellbeing website created to help you find peace of mind in our new, uncertain times.

Our articles and guides are well-researched (just like this one), and help you to take care of your mental and physical health while making the most of your valuable trips.

If you’d like to learn more about why we created Mindful Wonderer, or the mission of this travel website, you can read about us here.

Wondering how you can travel safely and mindfully around London? Check out our Ultimate London Travel Guide!

SEO Resources

There are some resources which have been unbelievably useful for deciphering the confusing world of SEO. SEOJournal’s Ultimate Guide to SEO was one of the first places we started, and filled in many of the blanks on SEO and also marketing in general.

  • Search Engine Journal
  • Backlinko
  • Moz

Check the best travel bloggers sites

All of the best known travel bloggers now have their own tips and resources. Here are some particularly useful blogging pages:

  • Nomadic Matt’s blogging guide
  • Adventureinyou’s Blogging Fast Lane
  • Blog on Your Own

Here are 5 golden rules to keep in mind when starting a travel blog:

  • Choose a niche and stick with it
  • Make your blog SEO and user-friendly
  • Decide on your monetisation strategy
  • Focus on “10x content” that people will want to share
  • Have fun with it

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