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Best travel golf bags to travel in style

Best travel golf bags to travel in style

Golf equipment is more expensive than ever, and securing your clubs is the first step in ensuring a relaxing vacation or great golf getaway. The right travel golf bag may not help your swing, but it’ll enhance your golf experience. Whether you’re flying and trusting your golf clubs to an airline or driving and want to protect them from the rest of your luggage, investing in the right travel golf bag is vital yet often underestimated.

There are a variety of options, styles, and price points in travel golf bags. What are your needs? What’s your budget? We’ve researched the many travel golf bag choices and provided this handy listing for your convenience when choosing this important golf accessory.

Top 10 golf bags for travel

Staff favorite: Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian Travel CoverBest budget: OutdoorMaster Padded Golf Club Travel BagBest durability: MacGregor VIP II Premium Wheeled Travel CoverBest ease of use: OGIO Alpha Travel CoverBest hybrid: CaddyDaddy Enforcer Hard Top Golf Travel Bag CoverBest color options: Club Glove Last Bag Large ProBest storage: Sun Mountain Kube Travel CoverBest soft-sided: CaddyDaddy Constrictor 2 Heavy Duty Wheeled Golf Travel BagBest mobility: PING Rolling Travel CoverBest lightweight: Bag Boy T-660 Travel Cover

How we chose the best travel golf bags

We researched manufacturer specifications, including durability, mobility, weight, ease of use, and more, to create a shortlist of the top travel golf bags. Then, we combed through detailed product descriptions, ratings, and reviews to find the best travel golf bags for each category.

Staff favorite: Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian Travel Cover

All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. If you buy a linked product, GOLF.COM may earn a fee. Pricing may vary.

Benefits— Internal straps secure the golf bag— Reliable wheel system— Ample storage

Drawbacks— Premium quality comes at a premium price

The Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian Travel Cover offers internal straps for added security around your golf bag so you can rest easy on your flight. This durable and high-quality travel golf bag has a reliable wheel system, making maneuvering through those airport terminals easier than ever. There’s also more than enough storage space to bring all the balls, gloves, and outerwear you’ll need.

At $339.99, the Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian Travel Cover might not fit everyone’s budget. But the eight different color options will appeal to all. And if you’re a frequent traveler, you’ll be happy to have the peace of mind that just might translate into a more relaxed golf game. Despite its heavier weight and bigger price tag, it certainly checks all the boxes to make it the Best Overall Travel Golf Bag of 2023.

Best budget: OutdoorMaster Padded Golf Club Travel Bag

Benefits— Great value— Exceptional padding to protect your clubs— Easy maneuverability with in-line skate wheels

Drawbacks— Sporadic stitching glitches

The OutdoorMaster Padded travel golf bag has exceptional padding to protect your treasured golf clubs and is built with in-line skates that make maneuverability a breeze. If durability and storage are at the top of your list, this could be the travel golf bag for you.

With often sales on the OutdoorMaster website, you can’t go wrong with this Best Budget travel golf bag. Check one out and spend a lot less than you thought you’d have to for your next buddy trip.

Best durability: MacGregor VIP II Premium Wheeled Travel Cover

Benefits— Added security and durability with 3 heavy-duty external straps— Plenty of storage space— Extra padding at the top for added protection

Drawbacks— Heavier than some may prefer

The MacGregor VIP II Premium Wheeled Travel Cover provides added security and durability with three heavy-duty external straps. There’s plenty of storage to be had in this travel golf bag, and it features extra padding at the top for added protection. The internal support straps keep clubs highly secure while in motion and reinforce our choice for the Best Durability in a travel golf bag.

The MacGregor VIP II Premium Wheeled Travel Cover is reasonably priced, but the only drawback is that it’s heavier than some competitors on the market. Fortunately, if the travel bag is sold out on the MacGregor Golf website, head to Amazon to secure one for your next golf excursion.

Best ease of use: OGIO Alpha Travel Cover

Benefits— Durable material— Foam padding around the top of the bag— Dual wheels for ease of motion

Drawbacks— Might not fit the largest of the tour and staff bags

The OGIO Alpha Travel Cover is made of 900D polyester fabric that offers exceptional durability and foam padding at the top of the bag for extra protection and peace of mind when traveling. With a dual-wheel system, this travel golf bag is easy to navigate from the curb to the check-in desk and ultimately to your hotel room.

The OGIO Alpha Travel Cover’s price tag will make many golfers smile as they’ll save a few discretionary dollars to treat themselves during their upcoming golf excursion. With its overall size being a bit smaller than some other models, you may have some issues fitting that extra-large tour or staff golf bag.

Best hybrid: CaddyDaddy Enforcer Hard Top Golf Travel Bag Cover

Benefits— Hard top shell for added protection— Soft-sided body for ease of storage when not in use— Ample room for golf accessories and extra clothing

Drawbacks— Hard top shell makes the bag heavier than some others

The CaddyDaddy Enforcer Hard Top travel golf bag Cover is an exceptional hybrid travel golf bag offering added protection with its hard shell top and ease of storage when not in use with its soft-sided body. There’s more than enough external storage space for extra balls and gloves, and it even leaves room for that rain jacket, just in case Mother Nature has other ideas.

At $179.95, the CaddyDaddy Enforcer Hard Top travel golf bag Cover is not only sensible but affordable. The in-line skate wheels make getting around a piece of cake. At 9 pounds, the hard top shell makes this travel golf bag heavier than some others.

Best color options: Club Glove Last Bag Large Pro

Benefits— Used by Tour professionals— Sturdy design and spacious— Comes in 21 colors

Drawbacks— On the bulkier if you don’t have a large bag

The Club Glove Last Bag Large Pro is proven reliable with use by several PGA Tour professionals. It’s spacious and sturdy, providing ample room for all your accessories and extra apparel. In addition, in-line wheels help you navigate your travel golf bag through airports and hotels with ease.

At $369, the Club Glove Last Bag Large Pro golf travel case is priced higher than many other options on the market, but the quality you’re getting makes it hard to fret at the price. With 21 color options and external straps for added security, look past the price tag to understand the wise choice you’re making in choosing this travel golf bag. As you might expect, with its popularity on the pro tours, this travel golf bag is a bit bulkier than necessary for the everyday golfer.

Best storage: Sun Mountain Kube Travel Cover

Benefits— Unique fold-down design stores easily— Hard-shell base for added protection— Internal and external straps to keep clubs in place

Drawbacks— No exterior pockets

The Sun Mountain Kube Travel Cover offers a sturdy hard-shell exterior at the base that provides protection and peace of mind when traveling. In addition, internal and external straps ensure your golf clubs stay in place while in transit, and the travel cover comes in eight bright colors to choose from.

At $269.99, the price works well within some budgets but might exceed others. The Sun Mountain name adds much credibility, and the unique fold-down storage design added to its earning our Best Storage travel golf bag. The lack of exterior pockets is inconvenient when adding last-minute items on the go, but that shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

Best soft-sided: CaddyDaddy Constrictor 2 Heavy Duty Wheeled Golf Travel Bag

Benefits— Side pockets to store shoes and extra clothing— Streamlined feel for less bulkiness— Thick and reliable material to support years of inspired golf travel

Drawbacks— Non-padded sides

The CaddyDaddy Constrictor 2 Heavy Duty Wheeled travel golf bag is a great choice to protect your clubs with extra padding at the top of the bag. The many pockets allow for additional storage of clothing and golf shoes but still don’t present a bulky or awkward feel when maneuvering on your journeys — and that’s why we’ve awarded it as the Best Soft-Sided Travel Golf Bag With Pockets.

At $109.95, this is the bag that every weekend warrior should have ready to travel. The in-line skate wheels and dual rubber handles make getting this travel golf bag from point A to point B very easy. The one drawback we experienced is the lack of side padding, bringing a little concern about the well-being of your treasured cargo inside.

Best mobility: PING Rolling Travel Cover

Benefits— Abrasion-resistant material— 6 external handles make it easy to maneuver in and out of your car— Strong base with wheels for easy mobility

Drawbacks— Limited room for non-essentials

The Ping Rolling Travel Cover features abrasion-resistant material that protects your clubs. With six external handles and a strong polypropylene wheelbase with interlocking skid rails, you’ll have no problem getting around with this travel golf bag.

At $340, the Ping Rolling Travel Cover is pretty pricey, but the Ping name means you’re getting what you pay for. The one drawback to this travel golf bag is the limited storage space for non-essentials.

Best lightweight: Bag Boy T-660 Travel Cover

Benefits— In-line skate wheels for ease of motion— Lockable, full wrap-around zipper simplifies access and packing— Reinforced corners add protection

Drawbacks— Lightweight design may not provide the same level of padding as other models

With in-line skates, the BagBoy T-660 Travel Cover is easy to move around, and the lockable, full wrap-around zipper simplifies access and packing. The reinforced corners add protection at the top and bottom of the bag. The large front pocket makes for easy packing on the go, so you don’t miss that next flight.

This travel golf bag is affordably priced, and the internal compression and exterior skid bars mean your clubs will be securely in place while in transit. The lightweight design of the T-660 Travel Cover does sacrifice some protection through the body of the travel golf bag but surely not enough to distrust the BagBoy name.

Pack it up

As we wrap up this travel golf bag easy-buying guide, you want to ensure your golf clubs are wrapped up as well. Securing your golf clubs in any of these travel golf bags will provide some peace of mind and ease of travel. With a wide range of price points on the market, there’s a travel golf bag for everyone out there.

How to pick the right travel golf bag for you

A quality travel golf bag is a vital aspect of any golf trip. For just a couple hundred dollars, you’re protecting your prized — and considerably more expensive — golf clubs. Look for durability, mobility, size, storage, and price.


Perhaps the most important feature to look for is durability so that your golf clubs are protected and your travel golf bag will serve you for a long time. Lifting in and out of cars, onto and off of airport counters and carousels, onto bellman’s luggage carts, and into your hotel room will take its toll on any bag or piece of luggage. Once you’re assured of a travel golf bag’s durability, you can move on to other important factors.


Traveling can be a headache as it is, and doing so with a set of golf clubs often adds to that stress level. Finding a travel golf bag with many handles helps you lift it in and out of your car with greater ease. In addition, a reliable wheel system will make maneuvering through the airport and hotel easier. These are items that shouldn’t be discounted or taken for granted. They’ll be vital when you take that next golf excursion.


Most standard golf stands and cart bags will fit comfortably in any travel golf bag. To adequately secure your bag, however, ensure your bag of choice is not too big. After all, you want your clubs securely protected and not moving around in transit. Also, some travel golf bags won’t accommodate a larger staff and tour bag. If you own a larger golf bag, ensure your travel golf bag can handle the job. There are travel golf bags on our list that are proven and tested by tour professionals — you want to consider those models.


Golfers often travel with a plethora of clothing, outerwear, shoes, and accessories. And you don’t want to get stuck with wet feet because you couldn’t fit extra socks or shoes in your travel golf bag. Find a bag with ample storage space for the many items that’ll enhance your golf experience while you’re away from home.


With most travel golf bags costing between $100 and $300, don’t overspend based on your needs — but don’t sell yourself short either. Consider the reasons for the purchase in the first place, such as smoother travel, golf club protection, and increased enjoyability. With all the money that golfers spend on their love of the game, the cost of a quality travel golf bag seems minimal for the service it provides.


What kind of bag do pro golfers use?

The Club Glove Last Bag Large Pro is the choice of many tour professionals, including Justin Thomas, Rory McElroy, Jason Day, Rickie Fowler, and many other legends of the game.

Do you need a travel bag to bring golf clubs on a plane?

You can travel with your clubs by snapping on the rain cover and crossing your fingers, but why would you? A hard-shelled travel golf bag offers the best support, but any of the travel golf bags highlighted in this guide will help ease your mind while jetting off to your next golf destination.

What’s the best way to travel with golf clubs?

The best way to travel with golf clubs is to find a travel golf bag that secures your clubs in place and offers ample storage space to ensure you have everything you need for an awesome golf trip.

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